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Serving the Community for Over 20 Years-Preeminently Rated

D. Scott Hickam, P.A. has practiced law in Central and Western Arkansas for thirty years serving individuals, families, businesses, schools and government in a wide variety of matters. He has appeared before circuit courts in over thirty-five counties, the Arkansas Court of Appeals, the Arkansas Supreme Court, Federal District Courts in the Eastern and Western Districts, and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as over thirty agencies, boards and commissions.

D. Scott Hickam has had a litigation intensive general practice for over 20 years. Most of his work is on referral from or in association with other attorneys in Central Arkansas. He previously practiced in partnership with numerous local attorneys before purposely downsizing in order to forcus upon the areas of personal and professional interest designated in his profile. He is comfortable and experienced in non-litigation areas as well as jury and bench trials and both state and federal appeals.

Reported Cases

Demetrica Scott v. Hospitality Inns, Inc. (2009) $3 million, Garland County’s largest circuit court jury award